Herbal Energy (Homoeobotanical Therapy)
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Anita Robinson
Wimbledon, SW19,SW20
Mobile: 07762 895 589

What is Herbal Energy (Homoeobotanical Therapy)?

This Therapy follows in the footsteps of Dr. Samuel Hahnemann (1755-1845), the father of Homoeopathy. Homoeobotanical remedies were developed in New Zealand in the 1980's by the chemist and homoeopath Dr. Brian Murray. His research into making homoeopathic remedies better value for patients resulted in the creation of this therapy. Organically grown herbs are used and several are synergistically blended to make a specific individual remedy. Potentized in the traditional homoeopathic way, the tincture is supplied in dropper bottles or made into a lotion making it easy and effective to administer. Suitable for any age group, strong or less strong individuals.

Features and Benefits

  • Directly stimulates the immune system
  • Combines well with traditional medicine and other therapies
  • Suitable for treating acute and chronic conditions
  • Works at a cellular level and opens up the body's natural drainage channels
  • Enhances absorption of nutrients to aid healing
  • Boost energy levels to help maintain vibrant health

Visiting your Therapist

A confidential and detailed questionnaire will be taken as this will enable the therapist to build up a picture of your health. Case notes are also important for future consultations. After diagnosis, a suitable individual blended remedy is made up. For most chronic conditions, a course of treatments( minimum 3 months) is recommended. Your therapist will be happy to make suggestions regarding diet, nutritional supplements, exercise and lifestyle.

The Therapist

Anita is an experienced, registered and fully insured Indian Head Massage Therapist and Homoeobotanical Therapist. She has a holistic approach to the management of pain and dysfunction and both these therapies work on re-balancing body and mind. Through stimulation of the immune system, energy levels are being restored and thus ultimate well being is achieved.

Anita Robinson qualified from the British School of Homoeobotanical Studies, Kingston Upon Thames. See www.yes2wellness.com.

She has experienced in treating hormonal disorders (male and female), allergies, arthritis and IBS and children's skin complaints. Case studies are available on request.

Contact details:

Anita Robinson
Wimbledon, SW19, SW20
Mobile: 07762 895 589